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Nick Kapetanis - Friendly Rehab Funds - Richmond, VA

I cannot fully express my thanks and appreciation for the consulting services provided to our hard money funding company by Chris Haddon and Jason Balin. They easily rate a "Five out of Five stars” as they were game changers for our operations. Based on their mentoring we have grown our business, improved profitability as well as attracted new investors. They emphasize systems and marketing and have certainly “converted” me into a believer.  Although our training period was done over a year ago, they are still helping us out in our business. They are simply awesome!!
Working with Jason and Chris made me say why did I take so long about getting deeper into hard money. We have brokered hard money through the years but this is a whole new level. I am so glad I was able to spent the last couple days here.  Raising capital and how to structure the relationships and a lot of the backend were some of the biggest takeaways, also the tips and tricks to not fall into the same pitfalls... I feel like I got 5, 6, 7 years of mistakes I don't have to do myself. I took a huge shortcut by just being here a few days.  In 2 or 3 years based on my new action plan I don't see why we aren't doing $10-20 Mill of business and making sure we are keeping our investors happy. 

Kevin Jimeno
Derek Dombeck
We've been lending for a long time and we came here to learn more from Chris and Jason for that purpose. Even though there is a lot of similarities to what we do there are always little nuances to improve upon. So the very first take away for us was our systems were horrible even after 10 years of lending. Systematizing moving forward will hands down improve our business. And now we've got this new found knowledge and have no excuse but to improve our business significantly. 
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How We Got Into Hard Money Lending?...

From: Chris Haddon & Jason Balin

Hard Money Bankers
Columbia, Maryland
When we started our hard money lending company, it was a much different time. It was late 2007 and the whole real estate world had just crashed. Homeowners and investors alike saw their properties lose a ton of value and many fell into foreclosure. Private lenders saw their investor capital disappear. Banks got hit so bad that they had to be bailed out by the federal government. 
And here we are saying to each other, “You know, I think the hard money model is the best one for us….and now seems like a great time to start.” Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?! We didn’t know it at the time, but we were right on both counts!
Our phone started ringing almost immediately. There was a new hard money company in town and they had capital to lend (not much, but some). Right away we saw the power of this business model. Get a few leads, quote a few loans, and before we knew it-- we had a check in our hands from our first closing. It wasn’t even that much work….oh and each time a monthly payment was made we got to keep part of it as our servicing fee. Our borrower was happy his deal got funded, the investor was happy with the interest rate return, and of course we were very pleased about the amount of money we just made for a relatively small amount of work.
Now we just had to scale.
We dove right into marketing. Online, offline, in-person sales, you name it and we tried it. We spoke at all of the local events, built a solid presence online, and before we knew it everyone in the local real estate investor community knew the name Hard Money Bankers. 
As our loan pipeline grew, our capital base needed to grow as well to meet the demand. This wasn’t an easy task-- keep in mind we were still in our 20s, had little to no track record, and investors had a bad taste in their mouths after suffering through the crash that had just happened.
So when it came to raising capital, not only did we have to be quick, we had to be very effective to make it happen.
This led to systems: choosing the right types of investors (and having the discipline to stay away from the wrong ones!), having the most effective materials and presentation, proper follow-up procedures, and most importantly developing the right mindset to make investors want to invest their money with you. 
Getting our capital raising process dialed in led to plenty of investor money, referrals, and a capital base that grows organically even to this day, 10 years later.
Next came building a team and employing the right software and systems to make them as efficient and effective as possible. Now we aren’t talking crazy fast growth-- that was never our goal. We grew slowly and consistently, adding one new team member each year. 
Flash forward to today and HMB has a loan portfolio of $35 million outstanding, plenty more capital available if we need it, a happy productive team of 10 people, a fun office with frequent lunches and parties, and plenty of time for golf! 
"Chris and Jason gave me everything needed to start my company from the ground up using their blueprint & system."  

"They taught me their entire model that is very successful but also very simple. I know it would take years to develop all the information they provided me and why I should not reinvent the wheel and just use what they have."

-Tim Pagel

" I learned their systems exactly how they operate, how they raise capital, what their lending criteria was to their borrowers, how they qualify their borrowers and we are all set to go!"


"Jason and Chris are awesome guys and super knowledgeable. In the industry they have the ground up experience that people in my position are looking for. People starting out but want to grow even more. We are hoping to double our business by next year. "

-David Yang
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  • The Right Hard Money Team-- We’ll show you the exact roles and responsibilities to be as efficient and as effective as possible.
  •  Loan Documents, Investor Forms & Contracts --  Utilize all the documents and presentations we’ve crafted over the past 10 years.
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  • ​You’ll Receive Your Certified Private Lender Designation 
  •  Proper Software and Systems-- Don’t trial-and-error it!! We’ve already done that so that you don’t have to.
  • Access to other like-minded hard money professionals from around the country who are doing really innovative things in our industry.
  •  Ongoing support. After working with us for two days here in our office, and getting access to our entire playbook, we’ll be doing follow-up calls to make sure everything is being implemented properly.
Thanks again, and we’re very excited to work with you!!
Chris Haddon & Jason Balin
P.S. - I almost forgot to mention the most important part. You will see that not only is hard money lending the best business model in real estate, you are also creating an incredible investment vehicle that will build wealth for you and your family for decades to come. Very, very few businesses can make that claim. 

Hard Money Bankers &
 Hard Money Business
Since 2007 when Hard Money Bankers was founded, Chis and Jason have grown HMB to a $35 mill portfolio lending on over 250 projects per year in several markets. 
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